Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bahh Ram Ewe.

Today's blog post is brought to you by my favorite animal: Sheep! Did you know:
  • There are nearly three times as many sheep in Wales as there are people!
  • One or two llamas are sometimes kept with a flock of sheep, because llamas will get very defensive of their "flock" when provoked.
  • I've made a habit of announcing the presence of sheep or cows whenever we pass them in the car, which is fairly often.
I mostly just wanted to announce to anyone reading my blog that I haven't forgotten about it! I just haven't had much to say. We've been doing more exploring of the area whenever Josh gets time off, so last week we saw part of St. Fagan's Welsh Life Museum, which is an outdoor museum where they've brought historical buildings from all around the country and restored them to how they would have looked in their original state! The place is huge, so we only saw a small part of it and are planning to go back sometime to see the rest. This past week we went to Tenby, which is a lovely coastal town with lots of shops and lots of beaches. It was a cool, drizzly day but we were still able to have a wander on the beach, a nice meal, and we bought a police-box change jar, so I'd call that day a success!

On Wednesday I made my commute to Swansea for the first time and all went well. It's about a 50 minute train ride and another 20 minute bus ride from the train station to campus, and I got registered for classes and was able to meet the rest of my "cohort". There are only 6 of us starting the program this year--two other girls my age, and three other women who are non-traditional students. Wednesday will be the first day of actual classes, so I'm excited to see what that's like!

Tomorrow I start training for my new job at a little cafe around the corner from my flat. I'll be making coffee for people and serving cakes and pastries, as well as working the till, so I'm hoping my money-counting abilities are up to par! I'm a little nervous because it's been so long since I've started a new job, but I'm sure once I get used to it I'll be fine. It will be nice to have a routine in my life again and have things to do here, because I don't really do well with so much free time and no structure to my life! It's been nice to relax, but now I'm ready to jump into things. Expect a more detailed post about work and university once they've gotten going over the next couple of weeks, so be shear to check baaaaack!

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