Wednesday, November 28, 2012

News, news, news!

As some of you may have heard mention of previously, I applied for and have been selected to be a student blogger for Swansea University's College of Health and Human Sciences! I've been waiting for that blog to go live before making a post here so I could announce this officially on here, but they're dragging their feet and I got tired of waiting, so when it does go up I will be sure to put a link here. I'm still planning to maintain this blog as well and I'm not really sure how much overlap there will be, but I've been told that due to how the university plans to track search results and blog traffic, I won't be able to post the same entries here as on there because that might interfere. However, I have been given permission to link to that blog from here, so if you don't want to follow that blog (it will potentially be more university/academic oriented), don't worry, you won't be missing out. I'll still have more casual and general-life posts here. Watch this space for further information :)

Last Wednesday was our last day of lectures for first semester, which is kind of crazy and scary--I'm already done with one semester of graduate school! However, we still have our essays, which are due January 9th, so between now and then I'll primarily be working on essays and working at the café.

I have an interesting new side job that took me by surprise, because it's nothing I'd ever have pictured myself doing. My friend Amber just started a new job for an organization called Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, and she came to me last week and told me they were looking for foreign language researchers. I applied, got the position, and now I'm spending a few hours a week researching architecturally-interesting restaurants in Latin America on various Spanish design blogs and websites. My main countries of focus at the moment are Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Once I find a project, it's my responsibility to make contact with the architects and designers and get all the information on the project so that we can add it to our database and invite them to register as a candidate for the 2012-13 awards. I'm really enjoying it so far! I've always been very drawn to visual pleasures, particularly light, texture, and color, these latter two being some of my favorite aspects of card-making and scrap booking  It may seem like a silly connection to make, but I really think it's true. That aside, growing up with a father who's an architect, I always enjoyed looking through his magazines on the newest innovative projects, not to read about them but just to feast myself on the aesthetic pleasure (also the main reason I love sites like WeHeartIt and ApartmentTherapy--so many pretty pictures!). And of course, this just gives me more fodder to keep up my reading in Spanish and improve my vocabulary.

I'm still plugging along through the Couch-to-5k program, still running three times a week. It's actually more challenging than anticipated considering it's meant to ease you into things. The first two weeks were good, because by the end of each week I felt like I was ready to move on to the more difficult program the following week, but I've been hesitant about moving on now because I still feel like the week I'm on (for the second time) is kicking my butt. The good news is I feel like it's kicking my butt less than it was originally. I think my problem is I run too fast early on in the interval, and wear myself out too soon. I'm hoping to be ready to run a 5k by March (the St. David's Day Run in Cardiff), but if not there's one in Carmarthen on my birthday! Then maybe I'll move on to bigger things. We'll see how it goes!

Josh and I are headed off to the National Botanical Garden this afternoon--the weather is a little brisk, but the sun is out, so we picked a good day!


  1. I'm so looking forward to your student blog going live, I'm sure it'll be great! I love the way you write, it's just so engaging!

  2. Wow thank you :) I write this blog very casually, so any writing style is just a product of that. I'm getting impatient--student blogs were meant to go up November 23rd, but there's been technical delays!