Sunday, March 17, 2013

Essays, interests, and employment.

I'm technically not supposed to duplicate a post on this blog and my student blog, but I'm doing it anyways, because I started writing a post for this blog and realized it would fit for that one as well. So if you read both, you may notice they're exactly the same!

My second set of essays is due in a little less than a month! Earlier this week I was feeling really nervous about that, but I've been really productive the past few days and am in a much better headspace regarding getting everything done. I've spent the past few days drowning in UK/Welsh policy readings for one of my essays, on the services available to unpaid carers. I realized today that I've already read nearly 50 articles/documents this semester, which is a ridiculous amount and I don't even know how many pages! However this was kind of validating to see because I've felt like I'm never getting enough done, well clearly I have been! My dissertation proposal is due the 10th of April and my other essay is due the 17th. We started our third set of lectures this past Wednesday and have lectures this Wednesday, then we have 2 weeks off for Easter before we go back to lectures, and in mid-May our final set of essays are due. Then I have until the end of September to do my dissertation, and I'll be done! Which seems crazy. This one-year program is certainly a whirlwind. I'm planning to start job-hunting at the end of the summer, which is going to be here sooner than I thought. I've already been keeping my eye on local job offers and researching organizations I'd like to work for so that by the time it comes to job hunting I'll already have some groundwork done. 

In other news, on Thursday I got to meet my client for volunteering with the British Red Cross, and I'll be starting in 2 weeks, accompanying her once a week to come into town and socialize. The BRC has a ton of awesome programs and services for supporting older people in the community, and they are one of the organizations I'd be interested in working for if a position became available. There are quite a few though, and I keep learning about more. Aside from AgeCymru, there's DementiaUK, the Alzheimer's Society,  and there's an organization called RECOOP that works with rehabilitating older ex-offenders into the community. In lecture last week when I mentioned my interest in dementia, one of my peers told me he works with older adults in the prison system and there is a complete lack of any sort of training or services for older adults in prison with dementia. I'm not sure how one would get involved in that but that's an issue I'd find really interesting for research and advocacy--if it weren't too late to switch, I might reconsider my dissertation topic!

What it comes down to is that there are TONS of things I would love to do and wish I could do, and I love people so much that of course anything that involves potentially improving people's quality of life or raising awareness of their circumstances is highly appealing to me. It's just a matter of translating this passion and interest into employment, so hopefully  when the time comes I can convince some employer/organization that I'm worth hiring.

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