Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well, you've all probably been wondering when I'd make a real, decent blog post actually talking about my life, since I haven't made one for a while. I am officially done with lectures and essays, which means that time-wise I'm 75% through my course! Which is crazy. I turned in my final set of essays yesterday, so now I just have my dissertation to work on until September. "Just" being an understatement as it will be a lot of work. I met with my advisor yesterday as well though, and her confidence and excitement about my idea and my plan was reassuring. Aside from that meeting, I didn't touch any university work yesterday. I spent my morning on campus drinking coffee and reading Julia Alvarez, and in the evening Josh and I had our joint birthday date. We went to a delicious Chinese food buffet and saw the new Star Trek movie, which was fantastic! There was even the line, "Are you out of your corn-fed mind?" referring to Captain Kirk, which gave me warm Midwestern-reminiscent fuzzies.

The weather keeps on pretending to be spring--we've had some gorgeous weather but often it tends to last no more than a few hours before it's windy and rainy again. But on Sunday, Josh, Amber, Owen, Wodge, Greg and I took advantage of the nice day and went to the beach, ate ice cream, and then had a cookout. It was a nice break from doing essays and I'm really glad I let myself take some time to relax.

Tomorrow I have my first driving lesson! I am quite a bit nervous. I'll be learning to drive manual as well as learning the rules of the road over here. I'm just glad there aren't any roundabouts near us as bad as this one. It's called the Magic Roundabout and it's meant to be both the most confusing and innovative roundabout in the UK. In case you can't tell, it's 5 mini-roundabouts arranged around one large one.

I'll leave your heads spinning trying to understand that. :)

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