Monday, July 22, 2013

My latest adventures

Well, I've been back from Spain for just over a week and I'm only now getting around to posting. The trip was awesome! We were in a town called Torrevieja near Alicante, in an apartment that was a two-minute walk from the beach! Kate's friend Israel was our host; he basically took us everywhere we wanted to go (or everywhere he thought we should see) and told us what food to try :)

When we first arrived I had a really difficult time understanding the Spanish being spoken with such an unfamiliar accent, but by the end of our short trip I'd regained my confidence to speak it and was managing to understand it much better. Israel commented on me speaking with a very "Mexican" accent, and I had to explain that when you learn Spanish in the United States you learn it from instructors who, for the most part, speak with an accent from somewhere in Latin America and you learn that form of Spanish as opposed to Castellano (Spanish-Spanish). One thing that Kate and I both noticed as an interesting cultural difference was how late kids seemed to be out with their families! We saw kids at street fairs at midnight, or out fishing on the beach or riding their bikes in the streets with their parents. Although it was strange, I really like the idea of a more laid-back lifestyle, which Spain seems to have down to a T with their sacred siesta time (usually between 2 and 4pm). It was a great trip, but being there so briefly barely gave me a taste of Spanish life and culture, so of course now I want more!

Yesterday we took a road trip to Manchester for the Color Run. This is an event that I'd heard of in the US and had plenty of friends who participated, so when Amber mentioned it was coming to the UK I was stoked to join in! It's a 5k, and on every kilometer they cover you with a different color! It was loads of fun. Unfortunately both Amber and I have been sick and are still recovering, so we only ran about a third of it, but unlike the other 5k we'd done it wasn't competitive, timed or anything; there were lots of people there just for fun with kids, strollers, etc. Here's our before picture. We took the scenic route to Manchester through beautiful North Wales, and pulled over to take some pictures and got honked at quite a bit.

During, after the first kilometer and the first color:

And after!

It was a blast, and I'm so glad we went! Of course, it got me itching to sign up for another run where I actually run and try to do well and such, and then Amber told me she's signed up for a 10k in Cardiff in September. I'm tempted to join, but it'll be only 3 weeks before my dissertation is due so I'm not sure if I want to be adding that to my plate at that time! On the other hand, my goal was to do a 10k by the end of summer/fall. So we shall see!

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